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Your Goals

You would like to

  • Gain more impact
  • Achieve results
  • Become more successful

Your Tools

You are looking for

  • Ideas
  • Strategies
  • Tips
  • Techniques


With our support you are more likely to

  • Win Customers
    Convince stakeholders by meeting the needs of physicians, experts,
    patients, pharmacists, payers, and managers
  • Grow Product Revenue
    Increase sales and profits by developing a smart strategy and
    implementing the appropriate tactics
  • Strengthen Your Market Position
    Increase market share by highlighting the value of your product and
    by building a strong brand


Our support will focus on

  • Solutions: Original insights solving real-life case studies
  • Outcome: Practical tips for effective implementation
  • Results: Recommendations for maximizing your impact


You will update your know-how using an approach that is

  • Imaginative: Vivid examples and stimulating suggestions
  • Grounded: Based on extensive industry-specific experience
  • Personal: Discover and exploit hidden opportunities

You Receive Key Learnings From Articles and Books

Zeitschrift Columns
Articles in professional magazines Download

Zeitschrift Flyer
Marketing strategy on one page Download

Buch Successfully Marketing Clinical Trial Results
Winning in the Healthcare Business Download

"The Blue Communication Book", Gower Publishing, London
Download free checklists Download
Listen to free audiobook version

Buch Erfolgreich im Pharma-Marketing
German-language book on how to succeed in pharma marketing Download

The resulting insights help you create the blueprint for your future professional success.


GŁnter Umbach, M.D., is a board-certified gynecologist, a former research fellow at
the University of Texas, a Senior Associate of Management Centre Europe, a guest
lecturer at several universities and a professional member of the Global Speakers
Federation and the Institute of Management Consultants USA.

Clients in twelve countries include pharmaceutical and medical device companies as
well as advertising agencies, clinical research organisations and communication firms.
They profit from his experience as medical advisor, medical director and marketing
director in the pharmaceutical industry.

Interviews, articles, videos, an English audio book and two books published in
three languages illustrate how to benefit from scientific data and how to succeed
in the healthcare business. For free tips please visit

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